Vacancies (Archive)

Vacancies (Archive)


 Vacancy  - Research Assistant 

Mathematical Modelling of Blood Flow and Cancer Invasion in Heart and Breast Tissue 

  • Applications are invited from candidates interested in studying towards a PhD in mathematical modelling of blood flow and cell-tissue interactions in the context of two specific clinically-relevant processes: remodelling in the heart following heart attack, and metastatic tumour spread associated with breast carcinoma. The former involves the recruitment and differentiation of tissue cells, whilst the latter is characterised by a loss of cell-cell adhesion and changes to cell-matrix adhesion. However, it is not currently known how these processes are affected by the local microenvironment and the modelling will be used to give valuable insights into the importance of mechanical/biochemical factors and blood perfusion on cell dynamics and clinical outcome. The modelling will be informed throughout by measured cell data obtained from collaborative laboratories. Dissemination of results at both national and international conferences will be strongly encouraged. The project is part of the £2.5m EPSRC Centre for Multiscale Soft Tissue Mechanics (_http://www.softmech.org_ <>) and the successful candidate will be expected to liaise regularly with academic, clinical, and industrial partners throughout the UK.
  • Funding Notes

This is a full scholarship which will cover tuition fees and provide an annual stipend of £14,553 for the 42 month duration of the studentship. The funding is available to candidates who meet the UK residency requirements.

  • Eligibility

Applicants should have obtained a first or upper second class honours degree in mathematics, physics or other numerate discipline and a strong C++ programming background is essential. The scholarship will be awarded by competitive merit, taking into account the academic ability of the applicant.
EPSRC eligibility criteria apply so please view the EPSRC _website_ <> before applying to ensure you are eligible.

  • How to Apply

Please complete our _online application form_ <>.

Please select PhD programme Life Sciences and include the full project title, reference number and supervisor on your application form. You will also need to provide a CV, a supporting statement, a copy of your degree certificate and relevant transcripts and an academic reference.

Informal enquiries should be addressed to the project supervisor, Professor Steven McDougall:

  • Timetable

The closing date for applications is 27th February 2018. The successful candidate will be expected to start in April 2018.


Vacancy  - Research Assistant

A two-year postdoc position is available in the School of Mathematics & Statistics of Glasgow University as part of the SoftMech project, an EPSRC-funded collaborative research project on soft-tissue mechanics with applications to the prognostication of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Further details about the research centre can be found on the following website:

The postdoc project is part of the Computational Statistics work package. In particular, you will be working on computer-intensive statistical inference in soft-tissue mechanical models based on partial differential equations. The job requires expert knowledge in state-of-the-art machine learning and computational multivariate statistics, especially related to statistical emulation, Bayesian optimisation, robust non-linear regression, uncertainty quantification, Markov chain Monte Carlo, and numerical integration. 

Further details are available from 

reference number 019719. The application deadline is 7 January 2018.

Vacancy 2 - Research Assistant 

You will contribute to a project (Mechanical modelling of a single Cell) working with Prof. R.W. Ogden and Prof. Xiaoyu Luo at the SofTMech Centre. Specifically, the job requires expert knowledge in continuum mechanics and single cell mechanics. The successful candidate will also be expected to contribute to the formulation and submission of research publications and research proposals as well as help manage and direct this complex and challenging project as opportunities allow.

Standard Terms & Conditions

Salary will be on the University’s Research and Teaching Grade, level 6, £28,098 - £31,604 per annum.

Apply via


Vacancy  - EPSRC Knowledge Exchange associates 

The University of Glasgow is recruiting three EPSRC KE associates (contract to 31st March 2020), for three of the six themes
• 5G and applications
• Electronic Systems Design
• Healthcare technologies and medical engineering (associated to SofTMech)
• Industrial Biotechnology
• Robotics
• Semiconductor photonics; systems, devices and materials.

The SofTMech Centre is interested in supporting a strong application related to our avenue of research. The closing date for applications is 4th February 2018. Please, use this link to apply