Information for new postgraduate research students

Welcome to the College of Social Sciences Graduate School.

We are delighted that you have accepted an unconditional offer of a place on one of our Postgraduate Research Programmes and look forward to meeting you when you begin your studies. 

The College of Social Sciences offers a training programme for PhD students designed to support you as you undertake your research project, with some mandatory courses. To supplement this programme we have a wide array of additional training initiatives, resources, internships and courses designed to support your research skills and professional development.

Please find information below on what you can expect to happen before commencing study with the College of Social Sciences this session.

Visit the Graduate School webpages for more information about how we can support you throughout your studies.

If you have any questions about studying with us, please contact the Graduate School Team.

Welcome email from the Graduate School

This contains information about Research Training Programme, Researcher Development PGR including details of mandatory courses for new PGRs and Induction.

This email will be copied to your supervisors and you should make contact with your supervisors as soon as possible.


  • From June - October
  • From November - January (for those commencing in January)


All students, new or returning, must complete both Academic and Financial Registration. Once you are fully academically registered, you can enrol on courses and classes.


  • From August

Research Training Programme

Research Training Programme

Discuss your training needs with your supervisors and self-enrol via MyCampus. 

You can complete enrolment on courses and classes at any time after you have academically registered.

Please be aware that courses may commence mid-September onwards and you should make arrangements to be on campus to attend courses in person.


  • From August

Visa registration

The University is required to check the immigration status for all students who are not nationals of the UK or Ireland, including home fee payers and those who do not require a Student Visa.

After you arrive in the UK, you must attend Visa Registration (For New Students) This is where you will present your passport and visa, and if applicable, collect your BRP.


  • From September

Campus card

What to expect

Get your campus card.

Arrangements for Campus Card distribution for new students.


  • From September

PGR Opportunities Hub

What to expect

Th PGR Opportunities Hub provides a wide array of additional training initiatives, resources, internships and courses designed to support your research skills and professional development. 

Including links to our Researcher Development Programme and Mandatory Courses for PGRs.

You should complete the following courses at the beginning of your studies: 


  • Available online throughout the year

PGR Induction

What to expect

The PGR Induction will run from Monday 22 to Friday 26 January 2024. PhD students from across the University will attend this week and it is a unique opportunity to meet fellow students and staff and build connections.

You will get the opportunity to meet key colleagues, other new PGRs, and find out more about the exciting journey ahead of you.

Please note that the welcome event is open to new PGRs in the College of Social Sciences, including those who began their studies from November 2023 onwards.

You can find out details of all the events running through the week on the PGR Induction webpages in due course.


  • 22 - 26 January 2024

Enrolment, welcome events and student support services

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