Registration & Enrolment Glossary


Registration is the process of registering academically and financially with the University. You must complete both Academic and Financial Registration via MyCampus before you start each year of your programme. You are not an official student at the University until you complete Registration.

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Enrolment is the process for choosing your courses and classes to build your timetable for the year. You must enrol via MyCampus, using the provided guidance on compulsory, recommended and optional courses.

You must complete Academic and Financial Registration before you can begin Enrolment.

Programme and Plan:

Your Programme and Plan specifies the College, award and area of study that you are pursuing. For example, 'College of Arts, MA (Hons) English Literature'.


A course is a self-contained unit of study on a particular topic, with defined level, credit value, aims, intended learning outcomes, mode(s) of delivery, scheme of assessment as well as pre- and/or co-requisites.


A class is a timetabled activity such as a lecture, tutorial or workshop which together form the taught course.

Financial Aid:

The general term used in MyCampus to refer to financial support, often in the form of a scholarship or bursary, which is given to a student to help fund the cost of studying or the provision of Research Council Stipends. This also includes support provided through emergency funds such as the Hardship Fund.

GUID and Password:

Every student has a unique username known as GUID (Glasgow Unique Identifier), which, along with your password, allows you to access most of the University's IT services.

Some services, such as Eduroam (Wi-Fi) and Office365 (email), use your student email address as your username, with the same password.

MyGlasgow (Student Portal):

MyGlasgow (Student Portal) provides you with relevant student news, help, support and guidance, and links to University and student pages, including:

→ MyCampus

→ Webmail

→ Moodle

→ Library

→ IT Helpdesk

→ Sport Online

→ Student Voice

→ MyGlasgow News


MyCampus is the University’s student information system which you will access to complete Registration and Enrolment. It enables you to manage personal, academic and financial information.

Throughout the year, MyCampus serves as the access point to record absences, change class enrolments during the add/drop period, check assignments and grades, and make payments. Access MyCampus through MyGlasgow.


Your email address will be: (for example:

Your student email is one of the main ways the University will communicate with you. It is your responsibility to:

→ Check your student email inbox regularly for important updates (for example: exam results, library reminders)

→ Use your student email for all email correspondence with the University (for example: teaching staff, University services)

You can access your student email via Office 365.

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