Our fonts (typefaces)

Web typography

For information on web typography, see: Guide to Web Publishing: Fonts

Printed materials

To make all our printed communications consistent and instantly recognisable, we use two fonts: Swiss 721 BT and Adobe Garamond

These do not come as standard on PCs or macs, so if you are producing material on your University computer you will need to buy the fonts. You can buy from places such as www.myfonts.comwww.fontshop.com or www.linotype.com.

If you are producing everyday documents and materials in, for example, Word or PowerPoint, Arial (available as standard on any computer) is approved as an alternative.

Swiss 721 BT

Swiss 721 BT is a clean, crisp sans serif with a contemporary feel. You can use any member of the Swiss 721 BT family including thin, condensed and extended. The most commonly used variants are: light, roman, medium and bold; all can be used in italic.

Adobe Garamond

Adobe Garamond is a classic serif, chosen to reflect the history, substance and tradition of the University. The weights are: regular, semi-bold and bold; all can be used in italic.