Video brand guidelines

Video is an invaluable communication tool. Our staff and students regularly use video to engage their audiences on a variety of topics including learning and teaching, showcasing research, promoting recruitment, communicating essential information, celebrating success and much more.

These video guidelines establish a simple framework and provide a handy set of resources to help you create on-brand video regardless of the nature of your work. While we’ve done our best to account for all skill levels, we assume some working knowledge of video production.

Who are these guidelines for?

These guidelines are for anyone looking to produce on-brand video content on behalf of the University. Generally they are intended for public-facing content such as on social media or embedded in public web pages. These guidelines need not be adhered to for video-based learning and teaching materials - they are not mandatory.

They are guidelines, not rules, so are intended to be flexible. However, for any specific guidance on use of the University marque (logo), please consult