All videos should be subtitled to comply with digital accessibility regulations.

Short-form video

We recommend that short-form videos, generally considered under 3 minutes in duration, are best subtitled at editing stage and ‘hardcoded’ or ‘burned-in’ to the video.


Subtitles should always use the Arial Regular typeface. This is a licence-free font and should be available as standard on most computers.​ Our brand guidelines provide further information about our approved fonts.


Subtitles should be white with a thin black outline, which will provide contrast on a range of different background images. The specific parameter settings depend on your editing software. You can use one of the brand colours to denote a second speaker, where this is otherwise unclear to the viewer.


Subtitles should be large for legibility and broken into easily-digestible short sentences. The specific font size depends on your editing software.

Long-form video

For long-form videos (>3mins) we recommend utilising auto-generated closed-captions functions on platforms such as YouTube and Zoom, etc. These almost always contain significant inaccuracies, but can be edited manually.​