Music should be used selectively and tastefully on UofG video content. When using music in video content, it is essential you ensure you have the rights to use the track.​

Commercial music

Commercial music and copyrighted works should never be used on UofG video content unless the necessary licenses and permissions have been put in place.​

Licensed music

There are a number of royalty-free music library services available on both paid subscription and individual-license-per-track bases. Using such tracks usually means attribution is generally waived in return for a fee.​

Free music

There are a variety of sources of free-to-download music, such as the YouTube Audio Library. Free music tracks often require attribution, ie giving credit to the artist within the video and/or in the video asset description in lieu of a fee. However, some music tracks are available where attribution is not required. Always ensure you understand the license in place for any given track.​

Original music

You can always write and record your own music for video or ask talented friends, family or local artists to use their original music. Again, always ensure the necessary permissions are in place for your intended use.​