Your campus card grants you access to University facilities such as the library and sports facilities and will entitle you to student discounts in a wide variety of shops, bars, cinemas and online.

Most students will be provided with a campus card upon starting your programme of study. If you require a replacement card, please follow the steps below.

Order a Replacement Campus Card

Students who have lost their campus card can purchase a replacement online using their MyCampus Student Center. The Student Services Enquiry Team will notify students by email once their card has been printed and is ready for collection.

Purchasing a new campus card will deactivate any previously printed cards, we cannot reactivate old cards. There is a £10 non-refundable charge for replacement campus cards.

Lost, Damaged, Expired or Stolen Campus Cards

Lost Campus Cards
The Student Services Enquiry Team will notify students by email if their campus card has been handed in. In the event that you have lost your card and it has not been found, you can purchase a replacement online using your MyCampus Student Center.

Damaged Campus Cards
Occasionally your campus card may stop working if it is damaged or due to wear and tear. Students can apply for a free replacement card online.

Expired Campus Cards
Your campus card has an expiry date on it, normally a few weeks after the official end of your programme of study. After this date you will no longer be able to use your campus card to access the Library and other facilities as a student.

If your card has expired but you are a continuing student or you have been given an extension, we can replace your card for free. Students can apply for a free replacement card online. Please note that we can only issue a replacement for an expired card if your school or college have updated your record accordingly.

Stolen Campus Cards
If your campus card has been stolen then we can issue a replacement for free providing it has been reported as stolen, not lost, and you have a copy of your crime reference number or police report. Students can apply for a free replacement card online.

Campus Card Collection for New Students

Registry issues campus cards for new students at the start of each academic session, normally throughout September. Further information is available on the Registry webpages. Please note that you must be fully registered before you can receive a campus card.

Photographs and Distribution
Students are required to upload a passport style photograph before your campus card can be printed. This is usually done during the academic registration process, however you can also upload a photograph using your MyCampus Student Center, under the Personal Information section (Photographs).

We can upload a photograph for students who are struggling to do so, providing a request is submitted on the UofG Helpdesk.

Campus cards for most students will be posted to the UK term address that is added to their record during the academic registration process, so it is important that information is entered accurately on your student record.

International Students
Campus cards will not be posted to international students who need to collect a Biometric Residence Permit, as these will be made available during Visa Registration.

Printing and Delivery Schedule
If you are to receive your campus card in the post, the following table indicates when you may expect to receive your campus card providing you have uploaded a photograph to your record, and completed your registration.

Photograph Uploaded By

Sent for Printing

Delivery By














Borrowing Digital Books
If you require access to the 14-digit code which is located on your campus card to request a digital book, it can be located on your MyCampus Student Center, under the Personal Information section (Reference Numbers).

Your First Card is Free of Charge
Students recieve their first campus card free of charge, please do not use the online request form or purchase a replacement card if you have not yet received your first campus card. Your payment will be refunded and your request closed.

Identification for Examinations

Please note the following University regulation on identification for examinations.

Every candidate shall display for the invigilator's inspection a valid Student ID card or other form of photographic identification.

While a campus card is preferable in this instance, it is not essential if you have another form of photographic identification, for example, a drivers licence or passport. Please do not cause yourself unnecessary stress by rushing to procure a replacement campus card prior to your examinations.