Glasgow Doctoral School in Emerging Technologies (GD-SET)

Considering the unprecedented change in complexity and functionality of devices and systems supporting the ICT revolution it is clear is that the coming decades need a new generation of scientists, technologists and engineers with novel and multi-disciplinary skills.

GD-SET will provide first-class training in emerging ICT technologies to support the next generation of world-changers by providing students direct access to world-leading facilities. Our vision will be delivered by an integrated programme of training and research, spanning materials, device design, component manufacture and system integration.

The fundamental ethos of this CDT, a beacon for motivated and talented graduates, is that genuinely differentiating ICT solutions result from working across the boundaries that exist in the traditional materials/devices/systems supply chain.  We will nurture and develop the research engineers and scientists of this future in an environment specifically designed to:

  1. Support truly innovative and creative ICT device development
  2. Promote cross-disciplinary thinking
  3. Emphasise the importance of component and systems integration
  4. Create manufacturable solutions from the outset

Our programme

All of our 3.5 year doctoral projects are in collaboration with high-tech industrial partners and will provide opportunities for industrial engagement.

Research projects will start on day one, with additional training highlighted on a case-by-case basis for each student distributed across the first 2 years.

Fully funded studentships will be available each year, forming cohorts that will collaborate on research and other activities, including a yearly workshop/conference event. Supervision will be provided, jointly with the partner company, by academics bridging Physics, Engineering and Computing Science.