Postgraduate taught 

Material Culture & Artefact Studies MSc/PgDip

Work placement

Work placement

A work placement may be undertaken by the Masters students, which will enable you to gain valuable work experience in both the commercial and heritage sectors, which in the past have included, GUARD Archaeology Limited, Glasgow Museums, National Museums Scotland, the Hunterian Museum and various other museum and heritage organisations. The duration of work placement is usually 8-10 weeks (40 days) with an additional period of self-study if developing a research report or exhibition proposal on material within the institution.

The wealth of experience gained from the work placement will advantageously poise students upon graduation with the skills, training, and knowledge necessary to function within a commercial unit, or heritage body as a material culture specialist.

'At GUARD Archaeology we strongly believe in providing work placement opportunities for up and coming archaeologists. Our experience in working with Dr Nyree Finlay and the students of her Material Culture and Artefact Studies Programme has been enormously positive over the last 2 years and provided our company with a steady stream of capable and skilled young archaeologists. Each work placement has provided benefits in terms of experience of working in a commercial environment to the individual students and has also benefited our company by providing a steady stream of potential future staff members for us to train and assess prior to engaging or releasing into the commercial jobs market as better equipped individuals’.

John Atkinson, Managing Director, GUARD Archaeology Limited, October 2012