Postgraduate taught 

TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages MSc

Background and aims

Background and aims

The MSc TESOL is specifically designed for students who would like to enter the field. The programme explores classroom processes, practical applications of theory to lesson design, approaches to classroom research and provides a foundation in descriptions of English. It can be taken over one-year full time or over two to three years part time.

The programme is delivered by the School of Education and English for Academic Study in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. . 

Is this programme for you? 

This programme is suitable for students with a degree in English language or education who would like to enter the field of English Language Teaching. Please note: This is not a teaching qualification in Scotland.

What will I get from this programme? 

You will build a solid foundation in the processes of teaching and learning English to speakers of other languages. Specifically you will:

  • explore teacher and learner roles in the classroom
  • develop  your understanding of methodology
  • focus on applying theory to classroom teaching and lesson planning
  • design lessons and practise teaching in peer and practice teaching classes
  • develop an understanding of how descriptions of language (e.g. grammar and vocabulary) can be applied in the language classroom
  • explore approaches to investigating  the language classroom
  • develop comprehensive skills to conduct research in the field
  • develop your knowledge of different contexts  by working with students  from different educational and language backgrounds. 

Introductory reading 

We recommend reading the following before your programme begins

An introduction to learning a second language, for example:

  • Lightbown, P.M. & Spada, N. 2013, How languages are learned, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  •  Saville-Troike, M. 2006, Introducing second language acquisition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge;New York;.

An introduction to principles underlying teaching and learning a second language, for example:

  • Nunan, D. & Carter, R. 2001, The Cambridge guide to teaching English to speakers of other languages, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  •  Brown, H.D. 2014, Principles of language learning and teaching: a course in second language acquisition, Sixth edn, Pearson Education, White Plains, NY.
  • Richards, J.C. & Rodgers, T.S. 2014, Approaches and methods in language teaching, Third edn, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

An introduction to descriptions of language, for example:

  • Yule, G. 2014, The study of language, Fifth edn, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

 A basic practical teacher's introduction to English Language Teaching (ELT), for example:

  • Harmer, J. 2007, The practice of English language teaching, 4th edn, Pearson Longman, Harlow.
  • Scrivener, J. 2011, Learning teaching: the essential guide to English language teaching, 3rd edn, Macmillan Education, Oxford.