Postgraduate taught 

TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages MSc

Language Proficiency, Assessment And Feedback EDUC5849

  • Academic Session: 2023-24
  • School: School of Education
  • Credits: 20
  • Level: Level 5 (SCQF level 11)
  • Typically Offered: Semester 2
  • Available to Visiting Students: Yes

Short Description

This Semester Two option in the M Ed/MSc TESOL cluster provides students with an overview of theories and practices of assessing language proficiency. The characteristics of feedback and testing for different purposes are explored, along with implications for teaching and learning


Class sessions - 2 hours per week, 10 weeks.
1 tutorial
complete on line tasks troughout the course


Test design Project in two parts consisting of

Written assignment (3,200 words: 80%) submitted the day before part 2 (the presentation)

Oral presentation on the process (20 mins plus 10 mins for questions: 20%)

Course Aims

To understand how proficiency is described for a range of contexts of use
To learn theories of testing and c
ritically evaluate applications
To understand the impact of feedbac
k and testing on learning

Intended Learning Outcomes of Course

Knowledge and understanding
On completion of the course students will be able to demonstrate

understanding of the concept of proficiency in a language and how to aply it to course aims and measurable outcomes
an understanding of a range of testing theories and evaluate their
appropriacy for a particular purpose
an understanding of the statistical
methods of checking the validity of tests
demonstrate an understanding of types of feedback and the effect
 they have on the recipient
develop a test for a particular learning context

apply an appropriate testing metho
d to measure a learning outcome

On completion of the course, students will have the ability to
critically evaluate the usefulness, validity and reliability of a test evaluate proficiency of language skill for a range of contexts of use

work in a group to achive a joint aim

trial a small test
present a text following academic conventions for tone, citation and refere

Minimum Requirement for Award of Credits

pass mark