Mechanobiological Models of Cell-Cell and Cell-ECM interactions

The tissue microenvironment influences cell functionality. How cells maintain and remodel the extracellular matrix (ECM) is  vitally  important  both  for  tissue  homeostasis  and  for  pathological  scenarios  such  as  tumour growth, cancer invasion and myocardial infarction (MI).

Project 1: We will adopt an individual-based, force-based modelling approach to investigate cell-cell, cell-fibre and cell-ECM interactions using our multiscale-multicompartment model.

Project2:  By taking into account the results of WP1 concerning the biomechanical properties of the cells and including the effect of actin and integrins on cell-ECM adhesion, we will develop a new system of intracellular ODEs governing these dynamics.

Project3:  model extension through computational upscalling

Project4:  Development of a fully 3D multiscale computational model of a growing, invading cell mass, which will be applied to the specific cases of breast cancer through WP6

Team: Prof. Chaplain (Team leader), Dr. McDougall, Prof. Ogden, Dr. Yin, Prof. Olson, Prof. Insall,
Prof. Husmeier, Prof. Luo, PDRA2, PhD2, PhD3