Multiscale heart modelling - Myocardial Infarction (MI)

Acute MI and remodelling in the heart is a highly complex process, involving pathophysiology, electrophysiology and multiphysics. Developing a multiscale heart model to cover all the aspects is unrealistic, hence we will provide key components with detailed myocardium mechanical models that are linked to subcellular organelle remodelling, as well as developing an extensible multiscale framework. We  will  significantly  extend  the  open-source  immersed  boundary  /finite  element  (IB/FE)  fluid-structure interaction (FSI) framework (note: add a link under IB/FE to https://github.com/IBAMR/IBAMR).

Project 1: IB/FE multiscale rabbit acute-MI model

Project 2: IB/FE with electromechanical coupling

Project 3: Multi-scale Mechanobiological Model of MI

Project 4: Influence of angiogenesis on MI remodelling

Project 5: A multiscale human MI model

Project 6: Translation to healthcare Technologies  by working closely with industrial partners.


Team: Prof. Luo, Prof. Ogden, Dr. McDougall, Prof. Hill, Prof. Smith, Prof. Berry, Dr. Watton, Dr. Radostin Simitev, Prof. Chaplain, Prof. Husmeier, Dr. Gao, PhD6, PhD7