Training Day for PhD Students and RAs: 12th December

Training Day for PhD Students and RAs: 12th December

SofTMech Training Day 

SofTMech held a training day on the 12th December 2017.  The day commenced with a series of five talks presenting the essential methodological concepts relevant to SoftMech.

The speakers and talk titles were:

Robert Insall: Cell migration in response to self-generated cues: hypotheses, mathematical modelling, and experimental verification.

Ray Ogden: Structure-based finite strain modelling of soft tissues.

Dirk Husmeier: Statistical inference in complex models of coordinated cell movement and soft-tissue mechanics.

Huabing Yin: Cell mechanics and cellular microenvironments: devices for diagnostics, analysis, and engineering.

Godfrey Smith: Optical techniques for measuring electrical activities in the heart.

Students attended from both Glasgow and Sheffield and integration, through working in small groups comprising of students from both areas, was a major success of the workshop.  This also encouraged discussion on potential future collaborations.

A  computing session on version control and Github was given by Timothy Storey.

The day ended with a  poster session providing more opportunity for discussion.  

Test Training item

Test Training item